The goal of Audico Technology Oy is to develop and manufacture leading certified sound reproduction, voice evacuation and information systems. The new company will focus on finding new innovations and to all actions that will impact on steady growth in operations. In addition, a separate technology company can operate more flexibly in development and innovation projects and in industry networks.

The company will continue to market and sell the Audico technology, develop and manufacture nextgeneration voice alarm systems. In addition, as a significant business area, the company will develop and manufacture information, conference and voice recording systems.

The arrangement has no ownership implications. Audico Holding Oy, the parent company of Audico Group, owns 100% of Audico Technology Oy's share capital.

In connection with the arrangement, all product, technology and related contractual responsibilities and contracts will be transferred from Audico Systems Oy to Audico Technology Oy.

Jyri Hiltunen has been appointed Managing Director of Audico Technology Oy and the core group working around the Audico technology business will continue in the new company; Raino Hyttinen, Aki Lankinen, Jukka Kuronen, Harri Ranta, Kari Hakkarainen, Mika Talo and Ari Riipinen.

Additional information

Audico Holding Oy, Managing Director Harri Leiva, +358 (0)44 555 9093;

Audico Technology Oy, Managing Director Jyri Hiltunen, +358 (0)40 179 1362;

Audico Technology Oy
Rautatehtaankatu 22 20200 Turku, FINLAND
Audico switchboard +358 (0)20 747 9340
VAT number: FI09297664
Account: Nordea FI72 1220 3000 2604 85