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Audico System AB is a Swedish company offering audiovisual solutions and services to companies and organizations to support their operations. Expertise in system technology, long experience, collaboration with the industry's best manufacturers, innovative and creative design, customer-oriented service and reliable life cycle services ensure long-term customer relationships.

As a AV systems supplier Bright Installation AB has had a strong focus on solutions for public spaces, the entertainment and events sector, design, consultation and a comprehensive service offering.

From 18 January 2021 Bright Installation AB has merged with Audico Systems AB. Staff and contracts are transferred and the merger will not affect daily operations. Both companies are subsidiaries to Audico Holding Oy. In February 2020 Audico acquired the installation and distribution businesses of Bright Group in both Finland and Sweden.

“The merger is part of the Group's strategic goal of seeking growth in the Nordic region. Further strengthening of competence and market position was reached when sales and the number of employees almost doubled. In Sweden, Audico Systems AB has now positioned itself as a comprehensive AV integrator and we can better respond to customers' requirements for various services”, emphasises Harri Leiva, Managing Director of Audico Holding Oy.

The new organization consists of dedicated resources for system sales, design, programming, project management, installation, documentation, electronics repair service and an industry-leading service organization that also includes modern remote monitoring and 24/7 support. Daniel Borg is the Managing Director of the merged company.

“The power of innovation and the curiosity of how new technologies and solutions create new opportunities for improvement and adaptation of our customers' operations. Our skilled staff is the company's driving force and with our ability to create custom systems, we always strive to exceed high expectations and be a reliable and dedicated partner”, concludes Daniel Borg, Managing Director of Audico Systems AB in Sweden.

Whatever the world may look like after the pandemic, we know that AV technology solutions will be important on the way forward. Our new position, broadened competence and added resources guarantee that we are a comprehensive partner now and in the future.


Further information:

Daniel Borg, Managing Director Audico Systems AB, tfn +46 733 414 214, daniel.borg@audico.se

Harri Leiva, Managing Director Audico Holding Oy, tel. +358 44 555 9093, harri.leiva@audico.fi


Audico is a Finnish company operating in the Nordic countries, the leading audiovisual solutions and services provider in Finland, representative of high-quality AV products and manufacturer of audio and voice evacuation systems. Audico offers businesses and the public sector solutions for auditoriums and conference rooms, control rooms, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, business premises, exhibition spaces, theatres, schools, churches, sports and event venues and cruise ships. Over 30 years of experience, solid ownership, strong expertise and continuous development of products and services are our keys to success. The Audico Group companies are Audico Systems Oy, Audico Systems AB, Audico Technology Oy, Intersonic Oy, Intersonic AB and LST Production Oy.