Text and image: Crestron


Tampere University in Finland wanted to relaunch with fresh, modern facilities that would attract the best talent through its doors. The university had previously been using AV equipment that no longer met the needs of its lecturers and students, The existing AV equipment at the university required daily intervention from AV/IT teams.


An AV upgrade was essential to eliminate these challenges and create a reliable, connected learning environment that just works. Crestron DM™ NVX technology was selected as the foundation for the AV upgrade, delivering a high-quality solution that is fast, reliable, and infinitely scalable to support the AV requirements of the university - now and into the future.


Integration expert, Audico Systems, began the AV upgrade at the start of summer break 2018 with the challenge of completing the project before students returned in August. The client’s objectives were clear: the AV needed to be faster, better, more reliable, and easier to use than the existing system. Audico Systems worked with Crestron to specify a comprehensive solution built upon Crestron DM NVX™ network AV technology, to provide powerful and real-time AV signal processing with high resolution 4K display quality.

“Before this AV update, our auditoriums required the daily presence of AV support people, several device reboots, and we always had to be prepared that something might fail – it was a constant challenge to maintain,” explains Mr. Juha Sorri, Head of Laboratory, Tampere University.

The scope of the project was to integrate technologies within four of the main auditoriums, to provide a user-friendly interface that staff can use to easily manage the technology, and to connect their laptops during lectures or events for instant presentation. The main auditorium included two laser projectors and three 4K display screens; two smaller auditoriums included one laser projector and a 4K display each, while the forth included two laser projectors. To help keep the project within budget, the new technology was implemented alongside the existing speakers and microphones. It was important that every auditorium provided the same user experience, so that staff could confidently use the technology in each space.

Audico Systems integrated 60 DM NVX AV over IP encoder/decoders (DM-NVX-350) for campuswide content distribution with no perceptible latency when switching sources or loss of quality. DM NVX ensures the ultimate in picture quality and compatibility for all of today’s varied media sources, while providing enterprise-grade security to fulfil the IT policy of the university.

Thanks to the DM NVX integration, technology in the auditoriums has been optimised to work seamlessly every time without causing frustrating technical delays at the start of each lecture. Lecturers can connect easily and wirelessly to the AV system directly from their laptops and begin presenting right away. They can easily select and control AV options via a user-friendly interface available on Crestron table-top 10” touch screens (TSW-1060) in each auditorium.

Mr. Juha Sorri continues, “we used to have issues getting the sound and imagery from different laptops to work well with the system, but now the situation is totally different. It doesn’t matter what kind of laptop it is, it just works. We’ve used the system for nine months now without even the smallest of issues – in fact, we’ve already ordered more DM NVX devices for the next stage of our AV upgrade.”

A Crestron DM NVX Director™ virtual switching appliance provides a virtual switcher to centrally configure, manage, and control all the DM NVX end points. Once the DM NVX network was installed, the DM NVX Director made it quick and simple to set up the large network of endpoints, assign user-friendly room and endpoint names, enable automatic device discovery, and manage video data over a standard IP network. This system also creates a central point from which the AV/IT support team can monitor AV signal status for every source and display within the university. With DM NVX Director, the DM NVX end points were quick to integrate, helping the Audico Systems team to stay on track for the August deadline.


Mikko Tenhunen, Project Sales Manager at Audico Systems concludes, “Tampere University wanted a solution that would be easy to use and work every time – with Crestron DM NVX we have delivered that and so much more. The university now boasts a high-performance AV system that delivers 4K display and audio, instant source switching, intuitive device recognition, and complete reliability. This technology provides the modern, forward-thinking learning environment that students, both now and in the future, expect from top universities. With this new technology, Tampere University has secured its reputation as one of the most attractive places in Finland to study.”