Audico and Hansakortteli shopping center (also known as Hansa) located in the heart of Turku have a long joint history. The previous big project in collaboration took place in 2018, when Hansa’s wireless microphone system and emergency call system were upgraded. Now, even the latest audio-related upgrades have been made, and the next project in line was to upgrade the lighting technology to meet today’s needs.

About 70 different themes, i.e. light situations, have been programmed into the lighting system. Different seasons of the year have their own themes, and various holidays and shopping campaigns (for example Easter and Arts Night) have also their own themes. "Pilvi* artwork is the eye-catcher and mood creator of the space," describes Tapio Järvinen, Audico's Product Manager of presentation technology and lighting. Hansa's lighting technology has been selected, installed and programmed under Järvinen's leadership. In addition to the impressive ceiling lighting, in connection with the renovation, new spotlights, moving lights and a hanging system with truss lifts were introduced to Hansatori plaza. These support Hansatori's versatile events and makes the space even more welcoming. The hanging system makes event-specific decoration or additional lighting possible in the space.

With Audico's expertise, a performance sound system was also designed and compiled for Hansatori. The sound system allows smaller gigs and concerts to be arranged smoothly but with high quality. The general sound system serves particularly the visitors of the shopping center. “The Hansatori area is an open space with many different levels. Now the announcements and background sound are directed to where the visitors are and the soundscape remains pleasant throughout”, describes Kari Hakkarainen, Sales Manager at Audico Technology. Both Tapio Järvinen and Kari Hakkarainen point out that Hansakortteli has made exceptionally large investments in making the shopping center welcoming and cozy. Part of the amenity is not only pleasant background music and commercials, but also security. The Avec G2 audio, exit alarm and security announcement system centers developed and manufactured by Audico Technology Oy now cover the entire Hansakortteli.

Audico has implemented the sound system as an assignment from AVARN Security, who is responsible for the security of Hansa. The delivery of the lighting system, in turn, took place as part of Hansakortteli's broader electricity renewal plan, which was implemented by the electrical contracting company Saiku. Audico was selected as a partner due to previous, effective cooperation. “Audico is an actor with expertise in the caliber that Hansa requires. We are talking about large systems that are linked to security, so the installment must be made by a stable and experienced actor”, says Mirva Laaksonen, Marketing Manager of Hansa. Audico has been Hansa's partner in both everyday operations and major reforms. Mirva Laaksonen appreciates particularly the well-established systems represented by Audico and the fluency of communication between the both parties. Currently, matters related to timing of the lighting and harmonization are the only ones where Audico is needed; otherwise Hansa staff handle the lighting, announcements and other presentation technology independently.

Hansa and Audico are mainly in contact via a remote system.

“When having a demanding lighting control system like this, we strongly recommend that the customer implement our remote system. It is more efficient in terms of time management and is therefore also economical”, Tapio Järvinen sums up. The initial investment is less than a thousand euros and it will soon pay for itself.

“It’s great that some invest in this kind of decorative lighting. In a major renovation it is not a lot of money, but it can achieve a lot in terms of coziness and attention!”, Tapio Järvinen gets excited and tells how he has seen shopping center visitors stop to videotape Hansa's lights while shopping. "Lighting can be a pretty great thing - and a differentiator”.


*) Pilvi means cloud in Finnish.


Text: Heidi Backström

Images: Aatu Heikkonen/Inspiroiva Creative