The recently appointed new members of Audico Systems’ Executive team, Janne Sivonen and Olli Karisalmi got immediately to the real action, led here by the new CTO Santtu Sipilä.


Santtu Sipilä has been appointed to Audico Systems’ new Chief Technology Officer (CTO). He is responsible for the product and software of Audico Systems and will lead development work of them. He will also be responsible for the risk management and resources as the company’s new CTO. In addition, Santtu will be working as superior to Audico Systems’ new service managers.   

Janne Sivonen has been appointed to Audico Systems’ new Head of Technology and Software. Janne will thus lead the technology-, system design-, and software services of Audico Systems.  

Olli Karisalmi has been appointed to Audico Systems’ new Head of Sales. Olli will lead the sales team and be responsible for the sales of Audico Systems.   

In addition to these changes, Audico Systems establishes a new technical support service, which provides quick and flexible pro-level assistance to support Audico Systems’ service and installation business for our customers. The new technical professionals for this role will be recruited immediately.  

To boost our supply chain management, Audico Systems will also establish a new department to oversee the purchases, logistics, and warehousing functions at Audico Systems. This will be done to improve the overall service quality of Audico Systems to our customers. A new Head of Supply Chain will be recruited immediately. For the time being, Ulla Tapanainen will act as the Head of this department.   

Audico Systems Oy Excecutive team as of February 2022: Harri Leiva, Santtu Sipilä, Ulla Tapanainen, Olli Karisalmi, Mika Pohja, Marko Hyvärinen, Janne Sivonen and Lasse Bastman.