Audico Systems is a 30-year-old Finnish company operating in the Nordic countries. Audico offers high-quality audiovisual solutions and services to support businesses and communities.

The cornerstones of Audicos operations are quality, innovation and  professionalism.

With high-quality design and personal service, Audico wants to exceed its customers’ expectations. Audicos goal is to always find the best solution for the customers’ wishes demand and needs and to be a long-term, reliable partner through the planning process to support and maintenance.

Strong technology management, long experience, versatile high-quality products and customer-focused service are Audicos assets as a provider of audiovisual solutions.



The ease of presentation and use of information is important in every space where people gather to negotiate, make decisions, learn and be inspired. Our customers facilities require qualitative, impressive, easy-to-use and durable audiovisual tools that meet their communication needs.

Audico is thorough  in the choosing of products and partners and only represents manufacturers that are at the forefront of development.

High-quality design, professional installation, operational support, managed maintenance, and effective service guarantee functional tools and systems.



Audiovisual systems make our lives easier and create experiences for us. A functioning system is often an absolute prerequisite for operations or a successful event. A good system is reliable, flexible and easy to use.

Audico understands the technical and artistic potential of audiovisual systems, as well the  requirements that are set for their operations, both in a critical operating environments and in the production of experiences.

Our goal is to always find the best solution.



Skilful staff is the driving force of our company, where every employee’s contribution is part of a strong organization.

Audico invests in the education and development of both its own staff and its customers, which the understanding and adoption of the ever-evolving technology in the audiovisual industry requires.

With decades of experience, commitment and customer-oriented approach, Audico has grown into a sector-wide service company.



  • Auditorium and Training Facilities
  • Conference Rooms
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Shopping Centers and Shops
  • Theaters and Event Spaces
  • Sports Venues and Stadiums
  • Churches
  • Schools and Universities
  • Command and Control Rooms
  • Councils and Courts
  • Cruise Ships