AUM 800 Universal Monitoring Unit

AUM 800 Universal Monitoring Unit makes possible to integrate external high power constant voltage amplifiers to the monitored voice evacuation system.  This is a big advance especially in cases, where system is large with numerous lines each having considerable speaker load. As an external amplifier it can be used any professional single or multichannel amplifier equipped with balanced audio input with sensitivity 0…6 dBu and 70/100V constant voltage output.

One unit can be used for up to eight external amplifiers and its speaker lines supervising. Any combination of own ADA 8x8 amplifiers and external amplifiers is possible to build as a cost-effective sound system.

The other usage of AUM 800 is to divide ALT 8x8 a speaker line channel to two-output A/B-line with automatic spare amplifier change and faulty speaker line disconnection.


Operational voltage 12VDC, via Local Bus
External monitored amplifiers max. 8 pcs/unit
External amplifier power max. 500W @70/100V
Operational temperature -5 C...+40 C
Measurements W x H x D 222x43x106 mm